The Canadian Society for the Study of Religion (CSSR) / Société Canadienne pour l'Étude de la Religion (SCÉR) encourages research and discourse in the study of religion. Our annual meeting provides a place for those involved in the academic study of religion to share their research and promote discourse. In previous years, the CSSR/ SCÉR has received funding from SSHRC in order to help subsidize costs associated with travel for participating members. We have always made it a priority to assist students who participate in the CSSR/ SCÉR annual meetings. Unfortunately, SSHRC has terminated the funding program.

Although this cut illustrates that the federal government is placing less value on academic research (especially in the humanities and social sciences), the CSSR/ SCÉR is taking a stand to continue helping student researchers promote their scholarship. Therefore at our 2019 annual meeting, the CSSR/ SCÉR approved a special travel subsidy of $5,500 from our own funds. While other cuts have had to be made to accommodate this travel fund, we believe it essential to support our researchers, especially students. Students who are presenting a paper at the annual CSSR meeting this year will be eligible to apply for this travel subsidy, receiving a minimum of 50% of their travel costs. Any remaining funds will be given to other presenters who have no other avenues available to them to cover travel costs. The amount given for travel funds is contingent on the number of applications received each year.

How to apply:
The travel fund application form can be found here: Claim for Travel Subsidy to the Annual Meeting (download as a Word document)

Presenters applying for this travel subsidy must submit their completed travel application and travel receipts to the CSSR/SCÉR Treasurer, by July 15th each year.

CSSR members must indicate their intention to apply for travel funding by emailing CSSR/SCÉR Treasurer (TreasurerCSSR@hotmail.comno later than May 1st this year, using this attached “Intent to Submit Claim” form (download as a Word document).

Travel funds will be dispersed after the deadline for applications.

For more information:
For more information on the travel subsidy, please contact Dr. Diana Dimitrova, CSSR/SCÉR President (