Two postdoctoral vacancies at MF (Norwegian School of Theology)

We now have two vacancies as postdoc at MF, with effect from 1st of September 2018.

A postdoctoral position has as its main purpose to qualify for work in professional advanced positions. The candidate must document high-level research competence on the basis of a doctorate degree, or equivalent academic qualifications.

Postdoctoral positions are open, but projects associated with a major research group may be preferred. The appointment is made on the basis of a project that further develops MF's research and education areas.

Further emphasized:

- International (peer-reviewed) publication and participation in international research networks.

- Experience from application for research- and project funding, as well as the ability to initiate and implement research projects.

- Supervision and teaching experience, as well as university pedagogical skills.

- Professional administration, development of courses and study programs, teaching tools and participation in committees and councils.

- Ability and experience from intermediary activities

In addition to professional qualifications, emphasis will be placed on personal suitability, creativity and ability to cooperate. MF's teaching needs and the applicant's ability to lecture in Norwegian / Scandinavian can be added weight.

MF is not obliged to review all applications. Women are encouraged to apply. Permanently employed in teaching and research positions at university or college can not apply. The employee is expected to work in accordance with MF's goal and profile.

The position is a fixed-term position for three years, where two years are for research and one year for teaching and supervision, examinations, project development and assignment research as well as relevant administrative tasks by appointment.

Normally interview and trial lecture will be used in the appointment process.

The application must contain

• project description with progress plan,

• CV containing information about education, work experience, educational and administrative experience, and other potentially qualifying activities,

• Resume and, preferably, committee assessment for doctoral dissertation,

• complete publication list

Written works that the applicant wishes to be taken into account must be submitted at the application (electronic) or sent to MF in tree full paper copies.

Salary according to state regulations, LR 24 level 58. Additionally, there are annual operating assets.

MF has a pension scheme associated with the Statens Pensjonskasse and its own life insurance agreement.

Application, project description, CV and certified attachments will be sent via by April 3, 2018. Admission will take place in early June 2018.

For further information, please contact the Prorector Kjetil Fretheim, tel. 22590625,