The CSSR/SCÉR maintains close liaison with the Société Québécoise pour L’Étude de la Religion (SQÉR).

We hold membership, as a Society, in the International Association for the History of Religions (IAHR). The IAHR “is a worldwide body of national and regional associations for the academic study of religion … [which] promotes the activities of all scholars and affiliates that contribute to the historical, social, and comparative study of religion” (IAHR website). IAHR meetings are held every five years.

We are also a member of the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences (CFHSS). Created in 1996 as the result of the merger of the Social Science Federation of Canada and of the Canadian Federation for the Humanities, CFHSS represents “more than 85,000 researchers in 80 scholarly associations, 79 universities and colleges, and 5 affiliates [in Canada; it] is the national voice for the university research and learning community in these disciplines” (CFHSS website). The Federation is best known to our members for the annual Congress that it organizes, in which we hold our meetings, but it also manages book prizes, supports book publications, and advocates on our behalf to the federal and provincial governments.

Emerging in 1965, the CSSR/SCÉR was one of the founding members of the Canadian Corporation for Studies in Religion (CCSR). CCSR was established in 1971 to facilitate the publication of academic studies in religion in Canada, at a time when North American scholars of religion were seeking ways to ensure that high-quality journal articles and book manuscripts in their emerging field of study could get published. Since its founding, CCSR has published the journal Studies in Religion/Sciences Religieuses, as well as several series of books on religion, first through University of Toronto Press, then through Wilfrid Laurier University Press (since 1974) and Les Presses de L’Université Laval, and now through SAGE.