Table of Contents - Journal for the Study of Religion Nature and Culture, Issue 11.3 (2017)

Journal for the Study of Religion Nature and Culture

Issue 11.3 (2017) Table of Contents

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Special Issue: Religion, Science and the Future

Special Issue Introduction: Religion, Science and the Future
Lucas Johnston, Lisa Sideris, Joseph Witt

Biosphere, Noosphere, and the Anthropocene: Earth’s Perilous Prospects in a Cosmic Context
Lisa H. Sideris

Natural Born Humans: Putting Culture, Science, and Religion Back Into Nature
Timothy James LeCain

The Gospel of Eve: Francis Bacon, Genesis, and the Telos of Modern Science
Richard Samuel Deese

Gender and the Greening of Buddhism: Exploring Scope for a Buddhist Ecofeminism in an Ultramodern Age
Emma Tomalin

If Not all Stones Are Alive…: Radical Relationality in Animism Studies
Graham Harvey

Future Ethics: Science, Ethics, and Radical Hope in the Work of Daniel Wilson
Jace Weaver

From Abstractions to Actions: Re-embodying the Religion and Conservation Nexus
Fabrizio Frascaroli, Thora Fjeldsted

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