Important new information about CSSR membership fees (2017)

Paid Members of the CSSR:

  • Receive the journal Studies in Religion (SR) / Sciences Religieuses (SR)


  • May participate in the Annual Conference, and the Annual General Meeting
  • May create a CSSR member profile, as well as search for other members' profiles
  • May access members-only CSSR features such as media (image, video and conference galleries), and other resources (job postings, discussion forums)

For details on how to become a member, please see the "Join, Or Renew Membership" link at the menu on the left (or click here)

Instructions for activating your account and accessing the SAGE journal online:

1. Click on Studies in Religion (SR) / Sciences Religieuses (SR)
2. Click on "My tools", and then "Manage my account"
3. Click on ACTIVATE Your Editor/Society Member Subscription
4. Enter your Customer/Member Number ONLY (leave "Society" as N/A), and click on Submit. You may access your "SAGE Customer Number" at the bottom of your CSSR profile page once logged in
5. Follow the on screen instructions.

Once your account has been activated you can access the journal by following this link and signing in with your chosen username and password.
If you have already activated your account, please go to and sign in with your username and password to access the journal.

If you have any questions about membership, please contact Sarah Wilkins-LaFlamme, Membership Secretary.
If you have questions about logging into the website, please contact Samiksa Love, CSSR/SCÉR Communications Liaison and Website Administrator