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Relance et libre accès de RELIGIOLOGIQUES, no 32, printemps/automne 2015 / Relaunch and free access of Religiologiques, No. 32, Spring / Fall 2015

Table of Contents — Bulletin for the Study of Religion Issue 45.1 (2016)

Bulletin for the Study of Religion

Issue 45.1 (2016) table of contents

Editorial- open access
Religious Diversity: Transitions, Intersections, Flashpoints, and Institutions
Lori G. Beaman

Table of Contents for Fieldwork in Religion, Issue 10.2 (2015)

Fieldwork in Religion

Issue 10.2 (2015) table of contents

Editorial- open access
Ron Geaves

Table of Contents for Implicit Religion, Issue 19.1 (2016)

Implicit Religion
Issue 19.1 (2016) table of contents

In Memoriam:
Reverend Canon Professor Dr
Edward Ian Bailey 1935-2015

For Edward Bailey
William J. F. Keenan

Table of Contents - Buddhist Studies Review, Issue 32.2

Buddhist Studies Review

Issue 32.2 (2015) table of contents

Peter Harvey

The Liberative Role of Jhānic Joy (Pīti) and Pleasure (Sukha) in the Early Buddhist Path to Awakening
Keren Arbel

New Equinox Publication and discount - "Philosophy and the End of Sacrifice" (Jackson & Sjödin)

Equinox Publishing Ltd and the International Association for the History of Religions are please to announce the publication of

Philosophy and the End of Sacrifice
Disengaging Ritual in Ancient India, Greece and Beyond
Edited by Peter Jackson, Stockholm University, and Anna-Pya Sjödin, Mid-Sweden University
Series: The Study of Religion in a Global Context, edited by Tim Jensen, University of Southern Denmark, Morny Joy, University of Calgary, and Katja Triplett, University of Göttingen

Table of Contents - The Pomegranate: The International Journal of Pagan Studies issue 17.1-2

The Pomegranate

Issue 17.1-2 (2015) table of contents

Editorial- open access
A Double Issue of The Pomegranate: The First Decades of Contemporary Pagan Studies
Chas S. Clifton


"Contemporary Views on Comparative Religion" — New Publication by Equinox

Equinox is pleased to announce the publication of


Contemporary Views on Comparative Religion
Edited by Peter Antes, Leibnitz University of Hannover, Armin W. Geertz, Aarhus University and Mikael Rothstein, University of Southern Denmark

HB US$100
506 pages

CSSR members receive 25% off the retail price when quoting the code Views. To see more information on the volume and to order please visit the book page:

Free articles of Open Theology journal, volume 2015

It is my big pleasure to inform you about publication of the volume 2015 of Open Theology journal. The journal is published on-line in Open Access. All articles from the volume 2015 are available for free at:


Table of Contents — Fieldwork in Religion Issue 10.1 (2015)

Fieldwork in Religion
Issue 10.1 (2015) table of contents

Introduction- open access
Ron Geaves


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