Nonviolence: A Weapon of the Strong (Mahatma Gandhi) Conference — St. Paul in Ottawa, May 8-11, 2014

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[We would like to] invite you to a conference called Nonviolence: A Weapon of the Strong (Mahatma Gandhi): Advancing Nonviolence, Spirituality and Social Transformation. It will be held at Saint Paul University in Ottawa, Canada from May 8th- 11th, 2014.

Keynotes are activists and academics from seven countries with expertise in nonviolence and its rising importance in the world today. Rajagopal P.V, a global leader in nonviolence from Ekta Parishad, India, Dr. Alain Tsuchdin, (University of KwaZulu- Natal, South Africa) and Heather Milton Lightening of Idle No More, Canada, are three of eight keynote speakers. Panelists will discuss nonviolence as related to gender, ecology, religion, Indigenous leadership, music and more.

This conference represents a rare opportunity for academics, activists, teachers, community leaders and all interested to learn about, discuss and expand the possibilities and importance of nonviolence.

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We hope to see you in May,

Heather Eaton, Ph.D
Full Professor / Professeure titulaire
Coordinatrice Ph.D. Coordinator
Conflict Studies
Saint Paul University
223 Main St., Ottawa
K1S 1C4, Ontario, Canada

Dave Aftandilian
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Co-Chair, AAR Animals & Religion Group
Chair, TCFPC Working Group on Community Gardens & Urban Agriculture Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology Texas Christian University TCU Box 298710 Fort Worth, TX 76129 office tel: 817-257-4540
fax: 817-257-7737

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