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If you have a manuscript — or are working on a manuscript — that looks at anything related to secularism, secularization, atheism, humanism, agnosticism, etc., please consider submitting it for consideration for publication in NYU’s Secular Studies series.

The Secular Studies series


There are more secular people in the world than ever before. And various forms and manifestations of secularity—atheism, agnosticism, humanism, skepticism, and anti-religious movements—are enjoying increased attention and scrutiny. The scholarly examination of secular identity, secular groups, secular culture(s), and political/constitutional secularisms—and how these all relate to each other, as well as to the broader social world—is thus more timely than ever. Moreover, studying secularism also teaches us about religiosity; as secularism is almost always in reaction to or in dialogue with the religious, by studying those who are secular we can learn much, from a new angle, about the religion they are rejecting.
The Secular Studies series is meant to provide a home for works in the emerging field of secular studies. Rooted in a social science perspective, it will explore and illuminate various aspects of secular life, ranging from how secular people live their lives and how they construct their identities to the activities of secular social movements, from the demographics of secu- larism to the ways in which secularity intersects with other social processes, identities, patterns, and issues.

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