“Revolutionary Love” – Religions, Medicines & Healing Call for Papers, AAR 2016

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Dear All,

The Religions, Medicines, and Healing group welcomes proposals that explore specific intersections of religious and healing traditions and practices. We ask that proposals address the socio-political context of the topic, as well as theoretical and analytical framework(s). Our group is also experimenting with posting full papers online before the meeting, with brief presentations, responses and open discussions at one or more of our sessions.

The group is particularly interested in reviewing proposals on the following themes for the upcoming year:

• Case studies reflecting critical engagement with “Revolutionary Love” (AAR theme) as religiously-informed/inspired healing in communities responding to violence against non-white bodies (police violence, mass shootings, terrorism, bombing campaigns) and the struggle for racial justice and healing.

• Methodological and theoretical approaches to the Globalization of Traditional Medicines, with analyses that are historically, socially, culturally, and politically contextualized.

• Reflection on pedagogical strategies for teaching about religions and healing in public health, medical school, and nursing school curricula in ways that reflect religious studies concerns.

• Critical analysis of definitions of spirituality in the framework of healthcare, medicines, and healing, paired with constructive proposals that avoid reductionism, attend to diverse cultural contexts, and qualitatively enhance quantitative analyses in medical and public health contexts

• PTSD and healing of Veterans and/or Refugees from War

• Healing processes of Tantra and Yoga traditions

If you have questions, you can contact Emily Wu (emily.wu@dominican.edu) or Lance Laird (llaird@bu.edu).

With all good wishes,
Linda Barnes

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Linda L. Barnes PhD, MTS, MA
Professor, Department of Family Medicine, BUSM
and Graduate Division of Religious Studies, Boston University
Director, Master of Science Program in Medical Anthropology & Cross-Cultural Practice
Division of Graduate Medical Sciences, Boston University School of Medicine

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