“Bodies: Resistance, Liberation, Health and Pleasure” — 37th Annual Guelph Sexuality Conference, University of Guelph

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Guelph Sexuality Conference
June 22-23, 2017
Rozanski Hall, University of Guelph

Our bodies are an essential component of our sexuality, both personally and politically. Bodies are an integral part of our health, and a site of pleasure. Bodies are also policed, regulated and subject to social norms and pressures. This year we aim to reset these pressures and create liberation.

We look forward to a wide spectrum of perspectives! Submit your workshop, research, and poster presentation proposals.

All proposals for the conference are submitted online.

We invite you to submit a workshop, research or poster presentation for the 37th Annual Guelph Sexuality Conference.

Concurrent Sessions

There will be up to 25 concurrent sessions available. Presentation can reflect the conference theme and/or focus on professional development related to a wide-range of sexual health topics. We welcome proposals focused on a program or educational intervention, and provide an opportunity to share methodology, practices and techniques. Concurrent sessions are 90 minutes in length.

Research Briefs

Research briefs offer researchers an opportunity to present their final research results. Your research must be completed at the time of the conference. Each research brief will be provided with 30 minutes within a 90 minute session. Research Briefs are scheduled on both days of the conference.

Posters Presentations

Poster presentations offer researchers a unique opportunity to present current research, a significant work in progress, or aspects of a sexual health promotion program in a graphical format. Conference delegates with a range of expertise will have the opportunity to review and discuss your research.

Posters will be displayed from 8:00 am Thursday June 18th until the conference close at 4:30 pm on Friday June 19th. Last year, we introduced 10 minute presentations of posters at lunch time. The response was excellent. As such, successful posters will be assigned a 10 minute presentation time to present key findings. We request you be available to discuss your research and answer questions during conference lunch breaks.

Submit your workshop, research or poster presentation using our online submission form

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