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Journal of Dharma Studies

Editors-in-Chief: Rita D. Sherma & Purushottama Bilimoria


Special Issue on Contemporary Yoga Studies: Philosophy, Practice, Ethics, & Applications

Volume 3, issue 1 (Spring 2020): Deadline to submit is January 1, 2020.

Guest Edited by: Laura M. Dunn & Graham M. Schweig

Yoga, today, is a global phenomenon. The interpretations and adaptations of yoga in a global era are both increasingly related to commercialization but also, simultaneously, towards broader conceptions of human wellbeing. Yoga, with millennia-old roots in the South Asian cultural ethos, is a leading-edge field in South Asia Studies in terms of textual, anthropological, and sociological research. At the same time, practices associated with Yoga are now studied in medical and therapeutic contexts leading to new articulations such as Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy. Emerging applications include engagement with a wide range of issues from physiotherapy to cardiac-wellness, from ecological activism to environmental justice. This special issue on Contemporary Yoga Studies welcomes papers on themes related to Yoga; including but not limited to: (1) Textual Translation and Commentary; (2) Theory and Praxis in South Asia and the West; (3) Specific Topics associated with yoga such as tantra, bhakti, karma, sacred sound, ethics; Śākta and Śaiva traditions; modern postural yoga; transnational yoga organizations; pos-tcolonialist critiques; asceticism, gender and yoga; (4) Jain Yoga; (5) Vajrayāna Buddhist Yoga; and (6) contemporary interdisciplinary applications of yoga.

Articles should be approximately 5000 words and scholars are encouraged to bring an aspect of the broad range of topics associated with yoga into dialogue within their research fields.

· If you have any questions, please contact the Managing Editor, Laura Dunn, at ldunn@ses.gtu.edu. We welcome submissions to our submissions page. To submit, please register for an author login on our submissions site (https://www.editorialmanager.com/dhar/Default.aspx) and follow the instructions.

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