Our new “Friends of the CSSR” Initiative (starting January 2013)

The “Friends of the CSSR,” or “Les amis de la SCÉR” initiative is a communication option for those who do not wish to become members at this time. Becoming a Friend of the CSSR allows you to be kept updated about CSSR/ SCÉR news through our mailing list, and to have access to specific areas on the CSSR/ SCÉR website which are not available to those without a login (especially the ability to search our member database). This means that everyone is to create an account on the website, not just paid members. In addition, you will be able to check your status (“friend” or current “paid member”) by checking your profile online.

Paid members, as usual, have more privileges. These include receiving the journal Studies in Religion / Sciences Religieuses, and submitting an abstract for consideration and presenting at our annual conference affiliated with Congress.

As always, we encourage you to support the CSSR/SCÉR by becoming paid members. This helps our society because it provides program support, international initiatives, graduate student grants, book grants and aids the overall operation of the society.

Even if you are not a paid member, please consider becoming a “friend” and encouraging your students to become friends as well. We are trying to strengthen and broaden our CSSR/ SCÉR network and we could use your help to make this happen. By becoming a “friend of the CSSR,” you are creating an online profile which helps us to keep you in the loop.

You may join us as a “Friend” by creating a profile online here: Register.