Your Online Member Profile and Membership Dues (Feb 2012 Update)

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Dear CSSR / SCÉR Members,

You may have noticed that we have updated our website in the last year. What we are trying to do here is to create a centralized online database of all our members so that we can connect and communicate better.

During this transition at the moment, there are two databases functioning:

1) First we have our membership dues database, something our Membership Secretary looks after. This is what we have used all along to keep track of members’ contact information in order to send out Studies in Religion / Sciences Religieuses, and for recording yearly membership dues. To renew your membership dues each year, please do so here:

2) Second, we have our new online members profile database, something our website administrator looks after. This online member profile is for us all to stay connected. Please create your online member profile here: Once you create the profile, it does not expire (you need not renew it each year like you do with your annual membership fees).

We are in the process of aligning these two databases, so that once you pay your annual membership dues, or change your mailing address, your online membership status is automatically renewed, and the Journal will be sent to your new address.

You may also have noticed that in your profile page there was a section that let you know if you paid your membership fees for the year or not. We are temporarily removing this section because the default was set to a confusing “no” since we have not had a chance to update it according to our membership fees records.

We appreciate your patience as we work together to make renewing your membership every year, and navigating through the website, easier and more intuitive. Your input matters very much to us, so please do not hesitate to send us your own ideas as we brainstorm together.

Best regards,
Yasaman Munro, CSSR/SCÉR Communications Liaison, Website Administrator
Michael Wilkinson, CSSR/SCÉR Membership Secretary

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