A message from our President

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Dear Members,

We are quickly approaching the CSSR annual meeting at the Congress in Waterloo, Ontario. It should prove to be a fun and stimulating conference. The executive of the CSSR invite you to the AGM from 14:00-16:00, the Presidential reception at 17:00 and then the feature film beginning at 19:00. For details please see the program found at the link directly below.


At the 2011 AGM it was decided to go forward with the CSSR book prize for $500.00. As per the discussion, information was provided to membership concerning the book prize, but I bring your attention to it again. The president’s report will report on the Book prize. Please see the link directly below for a description of the Book Prize.


Finally, I wish to express to all of the membership my deepest apologies for not attending the conference this year. I must necessarily remain in Saskatchewan to attend to an important detail in my life, and so unhappily cannot attend. I do hope, however, to see everyone at next year’s conference.

My best to you all, and enjoy your conference!
Darlene Juschka, outgoing President, CSSR

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