Postdoctoral fellowships in South Asian Studies (2013-2014) — Harvard University South Asia Institute (SAI)

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The Harvard University South Asia Institute (SAI) will offer postdoctoral fellowships in South Asian studies to recent PhDs in the humanities and social sciences for the Academic Year 2013-2014.

The Postdoctoral Fellowship Grant:

1. Each postdoctoral fellowship will cover a 10-month period, beginning September 1, 2013, with a stipend of $50,000, health insurance coverage for the grantee, and roundtrip travel funds.

2. Postdoctoral fellows will be provided office space, access to the libraries and resources of Harvard University.

Responsibilities of Postdoctoral Fellows: Residence in the Cambridge/Boston area and participation in SAI activities are required during the appointment. Postdoctoral fellows will be expected to present through the SAI Seminar Series. During the term of appointment, postdoctoral fellows will have the option to teach one course, or co-teach an existing course with a current faculty member.

Eligibility: Applicants must have received their PhD degree in 2008 or later in South Asia Studies in any area of the humanities or social sciences. Those who are chosen to receive fellowships must have completed all requirements for the PhD degree by July 1, 2013.

Deadline: March 1, 2013

Application Process:

Cover Sheet: You may download the Cover Sheet from our website, and include the following information:

1. Name (First and Last)
2. Primary Email
3. University and Department of PhD
4. Field of Study
5. Thesis Title
6. Date of PhD (or, if pending, give specific timeline)
7. Names and Contact information of 3 recommenders
8. Short Summary (~40 words) of research plan at Harvard
9. Brief statement of teaching interests
10. Do you have a continuing teaching position? If yes, where?
N.B. If teaching, have you obtained approval from your department to accept a postdoctoral position for 2013-2014?
11. Have you previously applied for a Harvard Postdoctoral Fellowship? If yes, when?
12. Are you currently applying for other postdoctoral fellowships at Harvard University?

Cover Letter

Curriculum vitae: please include citizenship, Social Security number, current and permanent addresses, telephone number(s), email address; academic degrees with dates of conferral, discipline and institution

List of publications (this may be included in your CV)

Official transcript of grades

Writing Sample (approximately 1,000 words)

Plan of research (approximately 1,000 words): What do you plan to do at each stage of your research during the fellowship? What particular resources do you intend to use at each stage? What are the advantages of doing your postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard; are there specific individuals you hope to seek out while in residence?

Statement of Teaching Interests (approximately 500 words), including syllabi/description of possible courses you might teach

Three letters of recommendation (signed and sealed), these must be enclosed with the application.

Mail completed applications to:
South Asia Institute
Postdoctoral Fellowships
Attn: Nora Maginn
1730 Cambridge Street, Room S427
Cambridge MA 02138 USA

For further information: contact the South Asia Institute,
Nora Maginn,, (617)-496-4862

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