Summer course — Religious Unity and Diversity Within Hinduism and Buddhism in Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

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SUMMER COURSE: Religious Unity and Diversity Within Hinduism and
Buddhism in Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

Place: Kathmandu, Nepal
Dates: July 27th-August 10th, 2014
Host: Aarhus University Summer School

Two of the world’s largest religions, Hinduism and Buddhism, have
peacefully coexisted in the Kathmandu valley of Nepal for centuries.
Many of the common religious
practices Nepalis perform either occur at sites shared by both
communities or the participants themselves do not self-identify as
exclusively Hindu or Buddhist.
Over the course of two weeks of lectures and visits to key field-sites,
we will explore the historical and contemporary intersections between
Hinduism and Buddhism
in the Kathmandu Valley. We will also introduce relevant theories for
the study of religious pluralism and the research methods traditionally
employed in the field
drawing on philology, history, ethnography, sociology, and visual

The course will be relevant to students from Anthropology, Asian
Studies, and the Study of Religion. Students will be required to be
present at lectures and
field-trips and write a final exam. The number of ECTS points for
international students will be arranged through the Aarhus Summer School
program. Lectures
will be conducted in English. Final exams will be in English or Danish.

Students will pay for their own travel and accommodations, but we will
arrange for mutual housing during the course period. Students are
encouraged to travel
on their own in Nepal or other parts of Asia at the conclusion of the


Jørn Borup, Associate Professor

Marianne Fibiger, Associate Professor

Bjarne Wernicke Olesen, PhD Candidate

Cameron David Warner, Assistant Professor

For more information, please contact: Cameron David Warner,

Enrollment closing date: 28 February 2014

Cameron David Warner
Assistant Professor
Department of Culture and Society
Aarhus Universitet

Bygn. 1465, 224
Jens Christian Skous Vej 5
8000 Århus C

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