Invitation to Graduate Student Luncheon, CSSR Annual General Meeting 2014

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If you are planning to attend Congress as a member of CSSR, we encourage you to attend the Graduate Students Luncheon for a free meal and a load of great advice!

When: Sunday May 25, 2014 at noon
Where: Alphie’s Trough (Brock University Campus)

Taming the Beast of Research Design:
A roundtable discussion on ethics and research design in Religious Studies

Are you a graduate student feeling the strain of research design? Do you lose sleep parsing out the differing values of quantitative and qualitative research? Are you entangled in the conflicting feelings of excitement for an inspired research topic, but terror in face of the labyrinth that is research and ethics? Cold sweat? Dry mouth? Well fret no longer, we have the solution for you!

Come to this year’s graduate student’s Lunch & Learn for free food and a helpful conversation with our invited speakers on ethics and research design in Religious Studies. Our invited speakers will be sharing their experiences in both qualitative and quantitative research design, in addition to having a representative from Brock’s Office of Research Services. This event is cohosted by the Canadian Society for the Study of Religion|Société canadienne pour l’étude de la religion (CSSR|SCÉR) and the Canadian Corporation for Studies in Religion|Corporation canadienne des les sciences religieuses (CCSR).

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