Robert M. Kingdon Fellowships (2015-2016), Institute for Research in the Humanities

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Institute for Research in the Humanities
Robert M. Kingdon Fellowship for 2015-2016
Application Information

DEADLINE: Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Institute for Research in the Humanities will offer 2-3 Robert M. Kingdon Fellowships to be awarded to a scholar from outside the University of Wisconsin-Madison for 2015-2016. Robert M. Kingdon, a distinguished historian of early modern Europe, generously donated funds to the IRH to support scholarly research in historical, literary, and philosophical studies of Judeo-Christian religious traditions and their role in society from antiquity to the present, broadly understood. Projects may focus on any period from antiquity to the present, on any part of the world, and in any field(s) in the humanities. Projects may range widely or focus on a particular issue. They may explore various forms of Jewish and/or Christian traditions; the interaction of one or both of these religious traditions with other religious traditions; and/or the relationship of one or both of these religious traditions to other aspects of society such as power, politics, culture, experience, creativity, nationality, cosmopolitanism, gender, sexuality, etc. Projects that incorporate consideration of religion’s interaction with society are especially welcome.

Kingdon Fellows are expected to be in residence at the Institute (Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A.) throughout the academic year (except for short research trips, lectures, conferences, etc.) and may extend this residency through the following summer on a non-stipendary basis. The award provides a stipend of $51,000 USD, office space, support services, and access to all university facilities. Kingdon Fellows are also expected to participate in the intellectual life of the Institute by attending the weekly Monday afternoon seminars (3:00-5:00p.m.) and presenting their work at a seminar. Monday seminars are followed by an informal Tuesday lunch discussion (noon-1:15p.m.) based on the seminar for those who are interested in further discussion of the Monday presentation. Fellows are also encouraged to attend other Institute events, as time and interest permit. Please consult the Institute’s website ( for more information about other Institute fellowships and activities.

The Institute accepts applications from senior scholars as well as young scholars with research projects that are well advanced. Applicants must be in possession of the Ph.D. or Th.D. at the time of application; we will not accept applications from graduate students expecting to have the degree by the beginning of the academic year. Independent scholars with the Ph.D. or Th.D. are eligible to apply. Faculty members at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are not eligible for the fellowship. Projects to revise the doctoral dissertation should involve substantial expansion, new research, and/or new conceptual frameworks; the proposal should clearly explain how the project relates to the dissertation.

For more information or to apply, please visit the Institute’s website at or contact Ann Harris, Assistant to the Director, at

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