Table of Contents — Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature & Culture 9.2

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Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture

Issue 9.2 (2015): Contesting Consecrated Scientific Narratives

Table of Contents

Editor’s Introduction: Contesting Consecrated Scientific Narratives in Religion and Environmental Ethics
Bron Taylor

Science as Sacred Myth? Ecospirituality in the Anthropocene Age
Lisa H. Sideris

Science as Myth (Whether Sacred or Not), Science as Prism
J. Baird Callicott

The Uses and Abuses of Science in Religious Environmentalism
Celia Deane-Drummond

Honoring Nature All The Way Down
Ursula Goodenough

New Wine into Old Bottles? Or Time to Jettison the Bottle?
Adrian Ivakhiv

The Role of Scientism in Myth-making for the Anthropocene
Brendon M. H. Larson

Myth, Ritual, and the New Universe Story in the Inner Hebrides
Michael S. Northcott

Placing, Displacing, Replacing the Sacred: Science, Religion, and Spirituality
Holmes Rolston III

Journey of the Universe: An Integration of Science and Humanities
Mary Evelyn Tucker

Just Say No to Knowledge: Religious Postmodernism’s Attack on the Natural Sciences
Bernard Daley Zaleha

Forum Response: The Confines of Consecration: A Reply to Critics
Lisa H. Sideris

Book Reviews- open access
Donald Crosby, Thou of Nature: Religious Naturalism and Reverence for Sentient Life (Albany: SUNY Press, 2013), 166 pp., $23.95 (pbk), ISBN: 978-1-4384-4670-7
Ron Von Burg

Bron Taylor (email:, University of Florida

Book Review Editor
Lucas F. Johnston (email:, Wake Forest University

ISSN: 1749-4915

Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture

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