Table of Contents — Implicit Religion 18.3

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Implicit Religion
Issue 18.3 (2015) table of contents

Editorial- open access
William J. F. Keenan


Granulated Faith-Holding: Examples from the Vocation of Science (Max Weber, Edward Shils, David Martin)
William J. F. Keenan

The Dharma of Doctor Strange: The Shifting Representations of Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism within a Comic Book Serial
Joel Gruber

Implicit Religion, Explicit Religion and Attitude Towards Substances: An Empirical Enquiry Among 13- to 15-year-old Adolescents
Gemma Penny, Leslie J. Francis

The Theory of the Earth Energy: Academia and the Vernacular in Search of the Supernatural
Kristel Kivari

Winter Wandering on Snow Shoes: Manifestation of Transcendence and Spirituality in Participants’ Mind-Maps
Ivo Jirasek

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