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It is my big pleasure to inform you about publication of the volume 2015 of Open Theology journal. The journal is published on-line in Open Access. All articles from the volume 2015 are available for free at:


Inaugural Editorial for the journal Open Theology, Taliaferro, Charles
Panentheism in the context of the theology and science dialogue, Bracken, Joseph A.
Late Secularization and Religion as Alien, Bruce, Steve
“In Harmony with Reason”: John Duns Scotus’s Theo-aesth/ethics, Bychkov, Oleg
Aspects of rendering the sacred Tetragrammaton in Greek, Vasileiadis, Pavlos D.
Understanding the Text of the Bible 65 Years after the Discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Tov, Emanuel
The Pioneering Appearances of Philosophy of Religion in Europe: François Para du Phanjas on the Nature of Religion, Shokhin, Vladimir K.
Hume and Kantian Teleology, Mercer, Ronald
Ethnographic Ecclesiology and the Challenges of Scholarly Situatedness, Buch-Hansen, Gitte / Felter, Kirsten Donskov / Lorensen, Marlene Ringgaard
Election in Christ in Schleiermacher’s Christian Faith and Christian Ethics, Schel, Kevin Vander

Topical Issue: Violence of Non-Violence, edited by Michael Jerryson and Margo Kitts
Religion and the Violence of Non-Violence, Jerryson, Michael / Kitts, Margo
Striking at the Sacred: The Violence of Prayer, 1960-1969, Shearer, Tobin Miller
Sufism and Anti-Colonial Violent Resistance Movements: The Qadiriyya and Sanussi Orders in Algeria and Libya, Muedini, Fait
Violently Peaceful: Tibetan Self-Immolation and the Problem of the Non/Violence Binary, Soboslai, John
Ahimsā and its Ambiguities: Reading the story of Buddha and Aṅgulimāla, Thompson, John
The Violence of Conversion: Proselytization and Interreligious Controversy in the Work of Swami Dayananda Saraswati, Bauman, Chad M.
The Violence of Nonviolence in the Revelation of John, De Villiers, Pieter G. R.

Topical Issue: Manichaeism – New Historical and Philological Studies, edited by John C. Reeves
Introductory Remarks to the topical issue “Manichaeism – New Historical and Philological Studies”, Reeves, John C.
Many Faced Gods: Triadic (Proto-)Structure and Divine Androgyny in Early Manichaean Cosmogony, Pettipiece, Timothy
The Manichaean Attitude to Natural Phenomena as Reflected in the Berlin Kephalaia, Kósa, Gábor
The Epitaph of Mar Solomon, Bishop of South China, Administrator of Manicheans and Nestorians, Franzmann, Majella
New Developments in the History of East Uighur Manichaeism, Moriyasu, Takao
Further Textual Evidence Pertaining to the Enigmatic ‛Mani-Citations’ of Severus of Antioch, Reeves, John C.
On the Date of the Ritual Manual for the Celebration of the Birthday of the Ancestor of Promoting Well-being from Xiapu, Ma, Xiaohe

Topical Issue: In Search of a Contemporary World View: Contrasting Thomistic and Whiteheadian Approaches, edited by Joseph Bracken
Comparing and Contrasting Aquinas and Whitehead: An Introductory Commentary, Bracken, Joseph
Thomas Aquinas and Alfred North Whitehead on God‘s Action in the World, Hosinski, Thomas E.
God’s Power and Almightiness in Whitehead’s Thought, Oomen, Palmyre M.F.
Revising Whitehead’s Notion of Society in the Light of Contemporary Physics, Pugliese, Marc A.
Language about God in Whitehead’s Philosophy, Oomen, Palmyre M.F.
Are Aquinas and Whitehead Metaphorical and Analogical All the Way Down?, Masson, Robert
Divine Ecozoics and Whitehead’s Adventure or Resurrection Metaphysics, Nobuhara, Tokiyuki
Papal Infallibility – a Flat Locus. From a Thomistic Position of Ecclesial Independence Towards a Whiteheadian Interpretation as Locus Theologicus Alienus, Sander, Hans-Joachim

Topical Issue: Science and/or Religion: a 21st Century Debate, edited by Shiva Khalili and Fraser Watts
Science and Religion: Issues and Trends, Watts, Fraser / Khalili, Shiva
The Secret Sympathy: New Atheism, Protestant Fundamentalism, and Evolution, Fraser, Liam Jerrold
Ernan McMullin’s Thought on Science and Theology: An Appreciation, Barzaghi, Amerigo / Corcó, Josep
The Higgs Boson, The God Particle, and the Correlation Between Scientific and Religious Narratives, Stahlberg, Lorns-Olaf
Transcendent Mind, Emergent Universe in the Thought of Michael Polanyi, Smiles, Vincent M.
Science and Spirit: A Critical Examination of Amos Yong’s Pneumatological Theology of Emergence, Leidenhag, Mikael / Leidenhag, Joanna
Downward Causation – The Way How Mind and Matter Interact?, Losch, Andreas
Cultural Influences on the Brain Science and Theology on Human Specificity, Colagè, Ivan / Oviedo, Lluis
God, Genetics, and Event Phenomenology, Love, Carolyn J.
Self-Evident Experience: A Challenge to the Empirical Study of Religion, Renner, Walter
Science and/or Miracle? The System Approach to Miracle Events, Świeżyński, Adam

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Managing Editor, Theology and Religious Studies

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