Table of Contents – Buddhist Studies Review, Issue 32.2

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Buddhist Studies Review

Issue 32.2 (2015) table of contents

Peter Harvey

The Liberative Role of Jhānic Joy (Pīti) and Pleasure (Sukha) in the Early Buddhist Path to Awakening
Keren Arbel

The Ancient Theravāda Meditation System, Borān Kammaṭṭhāna: Ānāpānasati or ‘Mindfulness of The Breath’ in Kammatthan Majjima Baeb Lamdub
Andrew Skilton and Phibul Choompolpaisal

Observations on Some Technical Terms in the *Vimuttimagga and their English Translations: An Examination of Jiā (夾) and Visayappavatti
Kyungrae Kim

Tibetan Evidence for the Sources of Chapters of the Synoptic Suvarṇa-prabhāsottama-sūtra T 664 Ascribed to Paramārtha
Michael Radich

Images of the Four Heavenly Kings in Unified Silla as the Symbol of National Defense
Young-ae Lim

Book Reviews- open access
Buddhisms: An Introduction, by John S. Strong
Reviewed by Christopher V. Jones

Women in Early Indian Buddhism: Comparative Textual Studies, edited by Alice Collett
Reviewed by Charles Hallisey

Lost Kingdoms: Hindu-Buddhist Sculpture of Early Southeast Asia (Metropolitan Museum of Art), edited by John Guy
Reviewed by Sarah Shaw

Eimei Enju to Sugyōroku no kenkyū 永明延寿と『宗鏡録』の研究, by Yanagi Mikiyasu 柳 幹康
Reviewed by Jason Protass

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