Table of Contents for Implicit Religion, Issue 19.1 (2016)

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Implicit Religion
Issue 19.1 (2016) table of contents

In Memoriam:
Reverend Canon Professor Dr
Edward Ian Bailey 1935-2015

For Edward Bailey
William J. F. Keenan

The Sacramental Thought-World of Implicit Religion
William J. F. Keenan
The Anglican Sense of “Implicit Religion”: A Tribute to Edward Bailey
Timothy Jenkins
Sense-Giving in the Art of Henri Matisse
Meerten B. ter Borg
Implicit Religion and Psychological Wellbeing: A Study Among Adolescents Without Formal Religious Affiliation or Practice
Leslie J. Francis and Gemma Perry
Krishna’s Frolics with the Milkmaids: Humanizing Divinity or Sacralizing Profanity
Israel Selvanayagam
Blue Suede Shoes to Doc Marten Boots: Music, Protest and Implicit Religion
Christine King and Francis Stewart
From “Explicit” To “Implicit” in Recent Religious Art
Graham Howes
A Phoney Holy War: Reflections on the Myth of Spiritual Revolution
William J. F. Keenan


Founding Editor
Edward Bailey †
Centre for the Study of
Implicit Religion and
Contemporary Spirituality (CSIRCS)

Jack Laughlin
University of Sudbury, Canada
David G. Robertson
University of Edinburgh / Religious Studies Project, UK

Available online to subscribers

ISSN 1743-1697

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