Table of Contents — Religious Studies and Theology Issue 35.1 (2016)

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Religious Studies and Theology

Issue 35.1 (2016) table of contents


Editor’s Preface- open access
Multifaceted Analysis and Reflection on Thinking and Living Religion
Catherine Caufield

The Western Arctic Historical Citation Project: A Detailed Guide to the Rev. Isaac Stringer’s 1890s Diaries and Related Archival Documents
Walter Vanast

Spirituality as Lived Interpretation: A Transformative Encounter between Two Traditions
Jean-Pierre Fortin

Isaac Abravanel’s Question and Joseph Hayyun’s Answer: A New Stage in the Issue of Moses’ Role in the Composition of the Torah
Eran Viezel

Thomas Aquinas’ Commentary on Boethius’ De Trinitate and the Structure of the Summa contra gentiles
Matthew Kostelecky

Reflection from the Field
Why I No Longer Work with Holocaust Literature
Lydia Kokkola

Book Reviews- open access
Christian Fundamentalism in America: A Cultural History by David S. New
Reviewed by Jason Lamoreaux

John Chrysostom on Divine Pedagogy: The Coherence of His Theology and Preaching by David Rylaarsdam
Reviewed by Theodore Sabo

Sex, Love and Marriage by Paul Flaman
Reviewed by Anna Severin

Reclaiming the Faravahar: Zoroastrian Survival in Contemporary Tehran, by Navid Fozi
Reviewed by Arshdeep Khaira

Catherine Caufield, Athabasca University

Consulting Editors
Willi Braun, University of Alberta
Earle Waugh,University of Alberta

Book Review Editor
Steven Muir

Religious Studies and Theology

ISSN: 1747-5414

Religious Studies and Theology is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes thoughtful original research of an interdisciplinary nature with significance to the various fields of Religious Studies and Theology. International contributors from many disciplines explore understandings of the workings of religion and spirituality in the contemporary world. We also give special attention to studies on religion and religious communities in Canada with regard to the place of this nation in our interconnected global community.

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