Table of Contents — Implicit Religion, Issue 19.2 (2016)

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Implicit Religion
Issue 19.2 (2016) table of contents


Editorial- open access
David G. Robertson

Taylor-Made: Immanent Transcendence in A Secular Age
Eric Chalfant

Do Religious Skeptics Differ from Religious Believers in their Interest in Celebrities?
Lynn E. McCutcheon, Harvey Richman

What American College Students Want from Religion: Facebookismanity, Lucid Dreaming, and Bodhisattva Tupac Shakur
Kevin Matthew Taylor

Hidden Religiosity in One of the World’s Least Religious Countries: Estonian Doctor Luule Viilma and Her Spiritual Teachings
Marko Uibu
Religion and the “Blessing” of American Citizenship: Political and Civic Implications for Post-1965 Filipino Immigrants
Aprilfaye T. Manalang

Prohibition and Eugenics: Implicit Religions That Failed
Robert H. Nelson

In Memoriam: Roger Grainger 1934–2015
William J. F. Keenan

Book Reviews- open access
The Invention of God in Indigenous Societies by James L. Cox. Acumen, 2014
Reviewed by Steven J. Sutcliffe

The City: An Urban Cosmology by John Grange. State University of New York Press, 1999, and
The Sacred in the City by Lilian Gomez and Walter Van Herck. Continuum, 2012
Reviewed by Paul-François Tremlett

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