Table of Contents — New “Race and Religion” topical issue of “Open Theology” Journal

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Publication of the topical Issue of “Open Theology” journal “Religion and Race” (ed. Daniel White Hodge)

Table of contents:

Religion and Race: Editorial for the Open Theology Special Issue on Religion and Racism
White Hodge, Daniel

From Heathen to Sub-Human: A Genealogy of the Influence of the Decline of Religion on the Rise of Modern Racism
Ogunnaike, Oludamini

Rejecting Racism in Any Form: Latter-day Saint Rhetoric, Religion, and Repatriation
Murphy, Thomas W / Baca, Angelo

Partnership and Race in Mission Encounters in Tanzania
Christian, Elaine Elisabeth

Evangelizing White Americans: Sacrifice, Race, and a Korean Mission Movement in America
Kim, Rebecca

Christianity and Implicit Racism in the U.S. Moral and Human Economy
Bae, Bosco B.

Race and Responses to Violence in Prayer Shawl Ministries
Bowman, Donna

Between Selfies and Colonialism: The Effect of White Evangelical Outreach on Multi-Ethnic Young Adults within the Los Angeles Region
White Hodge, Daniel

A Revitalization of Revolutionary Love: A Dialogue between Martin Luther King and Kim Chi-Ha
Considine, Kevin P.

The Christian Criteria for Assimilation: Racially Reading Christianity, Civility, and Social Belonging in the Modern Western World
Wong, Jessica Wai-Fong

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