Inaugural Issue of the new journal Body and Religion (and table of contents)

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Equinox is pleased to announce that the inaugural issue of the new journal Body and Religion is published


Shawn Arthur, Wake Forest University
Graham Harvey, Open University

Publication and Frequency
Two issues per volume year.
ISSN 2057-5823 (Print)
ISSN 2057-5831 (Online)

To see more information about the journal and to subscribe visit

Table of contents for the first issue

Editor’s Introduction
Shawn Arthur, Graham Harvey and Kevin Schilbrack

Religion as Embodied Taste: Using Food to Rethink Religion
Benjamin E. Zeller

Ritual, Rejuvenation Practices and the Experience of Aging in Early Chinese Religion
Ori Tavor

Wiwanyag Wachipi: Oglala Sun Dancing: Embodying Deep World Reciprocity through Gifting
Fritz Detwiler

Ancestors, Embodiment and Sexual Desire : Wild Religion and the Body in the Story of a South African Lesbian Sangoma
Adriaan van Klinken and Kwame Edwin Otu

Sacrifices at the Altar of Self-transformation
Alison Robertson and Theo Wildcroft

Purity, Body, and Self in Early Rabbinic Literature By M. Balberg (2014) Berkeley: University of California Press, 265pp.
Jonathan Schofer

Poetics of the Flesh By M. Rivera (2015) Durham & London: Duke University Press, 207pp.
Paul J. Griffiths

Giving Life, Giving Death: Psychoanalysis, Anthropology, Philosophy By L. Scubla. Translated by M. B. DeBevoise (2016) East Lansing: Michigan State University Press, 367pp
Duncan Reyburn

Incorruptible Bodies: Christology, Society, and Authority in Late Antiquity By Y. Moss (2016) Berkeley: University of California Press, 264pp
Jeffrey Wickes

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