Research Fellow, European Research Council – Queens University Belfast

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Research Fellow, European Research Council

Application closing date 15/03/2019
Salary £33,199 per annum
Job category/type Research

Job description

This 15 month post (1 June 2019 to 31 August 2020) is to contribute to the research outputs of the European Research Council project ‘War and the Supernatural in Early Modern Europe’, under the direction of Dr Ian Campbell as Principal Investigator (PI). The Research Fellow will be responsible for contributing to the completion of editions of early modern European scholastic texts, and also responsible for the completion of personal research which will result in publications on the relationship between faith and conflict in the early modern world.

Candidates are required to submit a writing sample of approximately 10,000 words which evidences the use of Latin sources. Please upload your writing sample along with your application and cover letter.

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