Table of Contents – PentecoStudies Issue 18.2 (2019)

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Issue 18.2 (2019) table of contents

Jörg Haustein

Conflicting Futures, Entangled Pasts: Nigerian Missionaries in a Post-secular Europe?
Kim Esther Knibbe

Pentecostalism, Media, Lived Religion and Participatory Democracy in Ghana
Francis Benyah

Towards a Typification of Motivations in Pentecostal Ecstasy
Julian Ernesto Cely , William Mauricio Beltrán

The Missionary Nature of Tongues in the Book of Acts
Jerry Michael Ireland

Reviews-open access
CASSELBERRY, Judith. The Labor of Faith: Gender and Power in Black Apostolic Pentecostalism
Lloyd Barba

ENGELBERT, Pamela F. Who is Present in Absence? A Pentecostal Theological Praxis of Suffering and Healing
Herman Allen

HAYNES, Naomi. Moving by the Spirit: Pentecostal Social Life on the Zambian Copperbelt
Michael McClymond

MARSHALL, Kimberly Jenkins. Upward, Not Sunwise: Resonant Rupture in Navajo Neo-Pentecostalism
Stephen D. Glazier

YOUNG, Shawn David. Gray Sabbath: Jesus People USA, the Evangelical Left, and the Evolution of Christian Rock
Richard Bustraan

Jörg Haustein, University of Cambridge Faculty of Divinity, United Kingdom
Book Review Editor
Richard H. Burgess, University of Roehampton, United Kingdom

ISSN 2041-3599 (print)
ISSN 1871-7691 (online)

PentecoStudies offers a distinctly interdisciplinary forum for the study of Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity. Authors from the social sciences, the humanities, cultural studies, religious studies and theology are all welcome to submit research on global expressions of Pentecostalism defined in its broadest sense.

The journal invites work that attends to historical, contemporary and regional studies. In particular, it is interested in the global expansion of Pentecostalism, its mutations and impact on society, culture and the media, including its influence on traditional non-Pentecostal churches.

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