Atelier Corps in/visibles : genre, religion et politique | Workshop In/visible bodies: gender, religion, and politics – March 26 and 27 2021, online (Bilingual Fr/Eng)

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Atelier Corps in/visibles : genre, religion et politique | Workshop In/visible bodies: gender, religion, and politics
March 26 and 27, online


Organisation: Florence Pasche Guignard (Faculté de théologie et de sciences religieuses, Université Laval) and Catherine Larouche (Département d’anthropologie, Université Laval)

Description :
The contributions presented at this workshop examine how bodies, especially in their gendered aspects, are made visible or invisible, as well as at the negotiations between religious (broadly defined) and political discourses and practices. For the purpose of furthering existing debates on the links between religion and politics in secular contexs, case studies of/ON various contexts will focus on expressions and frameworks of embodied practices tied to diverse systems of belief and values. Not only the display or dissimulation of one’s body to someone else will be examined, but also the effects of this showing or dissimulation of the body on those who look on and perceive bodies often constructed as problematic and challenging norms. Understanding the reconfigurations of religions when embodied religious practices are disciplined, transformed, and made visible or invisible remains a central issue, even in secularized societies.

By promoting interdisciplinary conversations, the contributions to this workshop will illustrate points of divergence and convergence between the dynamics of management of bodies and their in/visibility in secular and religious contextes. Contributors will discuss religious practices relating to sexuality, reproduction, physical alterations and the wearing of specific clothes and objects in the contexts of Quebec, Canada, and internationally.

The online, free screening of the documentary How She Moves (2020) will take place at the end of the workshop, followed by a conversation with the film-maker.

The program is available on the website of the workshop, with the summaries of the nine conferences (in English or in French), as well as the short bios of the contributors and the organizers.

This event is organized with the support of a subsidy of the Connection Program of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), as well as with the support of the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, the Chair in Religion, Spirituality and Health, the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Department of Anthropology, the Institute EDI2 (Équité, Diversité, Inclusion, Intersectionnalité), and the Office of the Vice Rector, Research and Innovation at the Université Laval.

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