“‘Outward and Visible Signs’: Sacramentalism and Modern Art, 1920-1931” presented by Jessica Ziakin-Cook — an online presentation hosted by CSRS

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‘Outward and Visible Signs’: Sacramentalism and Modern Art, 1920-1931
Jessica Ziakin-Cook

Thursday, March 2
5:00-6:00 p.m.
DTB A110 and online

Join via Zoom at uvic.ca/csrs/events

This talk will explore how a sacramental view of art and labour guided Anglo-Catholic thinkers and artists of the inter-war period (1918-1939) into a strident critique of industrialism, and why it engendered an arts-based solution to the social crises of mod- ernism, as expressed in the work of French Catholic philosopher Jacques Maritain and the art of British artist Eric Gill. To under- stand this, the Anglo-Catholic understanding of the connection between art, theology and spirituality, contained in the concept of ‘sacramentalism’ needs to be reexamined.

Jessica Ziakin-Cook is an MA student in History at UVic and the CSRS Lindstedt and Pollick Graduate Student Fellow. Her research focuses on early 20th C crossovers between Catholicism and modern art.

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