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Welcome to the Ph.D. Placement Project
By Xarissa Holdaway

In his latest column, William Pannapacker tackles the issue of job-placement rates in doctoral programs and decries the lack of solid data.

“Advisers and prospective students need something more than a scattered helping of infrequently updated best-case scenarios,” he writes. “We need externally verified, reasonably comprehensive data about individual programs and maybe even individual advisers.”

The Chronicle wants to take Mr. Pannapacker up on his challenge. We would like to figure out a way to gather reliable data about job placements for Ph.D.’s. Who’s getting jobs? Where are they? Which doctoral programs are doing well at placing their Ph.D.’s in tenure-track positions? Which are doing poorly? Are many colleges making an effort to help their Ph.D.’s land nonacademic jobs?

We don’t know what form the data will take, but for now we’re calling it the Ph.D. Placement Project.

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