Podcast on Muslim and Islam(s) in Canada – Department of Religious Studies, Memorial University

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Melanie, Amélie and I (Jennifer) wondered if you could share our first podcast with the CSSR membership? It might be interesting for them for teaching and/or their own listening purposes.

Here’s the link: http://www.mun.ca/relstudies/more/producingislams/podcasts.php

“A second goal in thinking about knowledge production on Muslims and Islam(s) in Canada through case studies was to produce podcasts related to the cases that – ideally! – might be of interest to a broader audience.

To begin, here’s a brief introduction on why we chose to focus on these case studies (our thanks to CHMR for their help with the recording).

And, more importantly, here is the first podcast, created by Lauren Sproule, on the 2015 controversy on the niqab in Canadian citizenship ceremonies.

Please come back on January 2nd to listen to the second podcast, by Salma Mahgoub, on religious accommodation at Quebec sugarshacks.

The third podcast, by Jordan Omstead, focuses on depictions of Muslim Canadian men and foreign fighters and will be available on January 15th.

Thank you for listening!”

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