Table of Contents – Body and Religion (Issue 2.2, 2018)

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Body and Religion
Issue 2.2 (2018)
Table of Contents

Editorial-open access
Graham Harvey

Wafting incense and heavenly foods: the importance of smell in Chinese religion
Shawn Arthur

Candomblé’s eating myths: religion stated in food language
Patricia Rodrigues de Souza

‘Seeing’ my Beloved: Darśan and the Sikhi perspective
Opinderjit Kaur Takhar

North American Indigenous song, the sacred and the senses
Byron Dueck

Touching, crafting, knowing: religious artefacts and the fetish within animism
Amy Whitehead

Book Reviews-open access
The Work of the Dead: A Cultural History of Mortal Remains. By T. W. Laqueur
Candi K. Cann

Why We Dance: A Philosophy of Bodily Becoming. By K. LaMothe
Richard M. Carp

Birth in Ancient China: A Study of Metaphor and Cultural Identity in Pre-Imperial China. By C. A. Cook and X. Luo
Anna M. Hennessey

Sacred Scents in Early Christianity and Islam, By M. Thurlkill
Kathryn Kueny

Language as Bodily Practice in Early China: A Chinese Grammatology. By J. Geaney
Sharon Sanderovitch

The Body in Religion: Cross-Cultural Perspectives. By Y.K. Greenberg
Katherine C. Zubko

Shawn Arthur
Wake Forest University
Graham Harvey
Open University

Book Review Editor
Kevin Schilbrack
Appalachian State University

ISSN 2057-5823 (Print)
ISSN 2057-5831 (Online)

Body and Religion is an internationally peer reviewed, interdisciplinary journal devoted to all issues of body and religion. We welcome English-language submissions from scholars who use diverse methodologies and approaches, ranging from traditional to innovative, to explore issues of “body” as a fundamental analytical category in the study of religion.

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