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CALL FOR PAPERS: The Journal of Religion and Culture

Monsters and villains have populated human imagination since time immemorial. Some have been the stuff of myths and legends, involving fantastic tales of heroism and valor; others, the tools societies have used to conceptualize and categorize otherness. While such categorizations are invariably fluid and subject to interpretation, they have nevertheless come to embody concerns, insecurities about the self, and fears of the unknown that cross historical and cultural contexts.

The Journal of Religion and Culture (JRC) is seeking papers that delve into “Monsters and the Monstrous.” Monsters, here, can be defined literally or more broadly as the other, subalterns, marginal, or deviants. We are seeking articles that reveal, analyze and challenge how “monsters,” “villains,” the “grotesque” and “monstrous” are delineated, demarcated and fabricated, how such concepts relate to notions of transgression, and what they suggest about human corporeality and non-binary identities.

Check out our website for more information about the theme and the submission process. Papers are due on December 15th 2018.


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