Call for Papers: A More Perfect Union: Religious Assessments of the American Experiment (Claremont Lincoln University)

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The newly formed Claremont Lincoln University, an interdisciplinary, multicultural and multireligious institution, is hosting a national student conference this coming April 2012. We hope that you would help us spread the information to the religious programs, as well as anyone else that you believe would be interested in, and benefit from, this conference. Below is the information regarding the Call for Papers we hope you will pass along to appropriate religious studies programs, departments, and other theological institutions.

On April 19-21, Claremont Lincoln University in Claremont, CA, is hosting a national conference for graduate students (Master’s and Ph.D.).

A More Perfect Union: Religious Assessments of the American Experiment
We invite papers that offer religious and theological assessments of the pursuit of “a more perfect union,” drawing from the wealth of diverse religious perspectives that constitute the American body politic. Selected papers will be mindful of the significant role social location plays in determining one’s American experience. Reflection on race, gender, sexual orientation, cultural heritage and socio-economic status will serve as a critical interpretive tool for these attempts to understand both what it means to be an American citizen or resident and how one assesses that experience. We seek papers that capture these diverse experiences and bring them into conversation with one another in an attempt to critically access this nation’s (necessarily imperfect) pursuit of perfection.

Please check the website below for very important additional information regarding potential paper topics.

Travel Awards are available for the top proposals and select papers will be chosen for publication in the Claremont Journal of Religion.

The entire Call for Papers can be found here:

Proposals are due by midnight on January 3, 2012.

Questions can be directed to or

Thank you,

Yvonne Augustine
Third Year Doctoral Student, Claremont Lincoln University
Co-Director, Claremont Lincoln University Student Conference

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