2012 Undergraduate and Graduate Essay Contest Prize Winners

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Undergraduate Essay Winners

1st Prize $300.00
“An Insult to National Honour: Investigating Canadian Public Perception of the Shafia Trial”
Sarah Moselle, University of Victoria, Victoria BC

2nd Prize $100.00
“Historical Jesuses”
Steven Haines, Carleton University

Graduate Essay Winners
1st Prize $700.00
“The Presentation of the Charismatic Self in Everyday Life: Reflections on a Canadian New Religious Movement”
Paul Joosse, PhD candidate, Department of Sociology, University of Alberta

2nd Prize $300.00
“Riddles From the Margins of the Strange Sex: The Wisdom of Solomon’s Judgment Story (1 Kgs 3:16-28)”
Lauren Chomyn, MA Student, University of Alberta

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