CFP – “Continuity & change in Islamic Societies”

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Call for Papers: “Continuity & change in Islamic Societies”

American Council for the Study of Islamic Societies Seton Hall
University South Orange, New Jersey April 5-6, 2013

The topic of the 30th Annual Meeting of the American Council for the
Study of Islamic Societies (ACSIS), to be held on April 5-6, 2013 in The
Chancellor’s Suite, Student Center, Seton Hall University is “Continuity
and Change in Islamic Societies.”

Islamic societies refer to regions and communities that identify with
the religion and culture of Islam, but may approach politics, economics
and certain social issues in different ways. Unlike what the late
Professor Samuel Huntington may have thought, Islamic societies are far
from being monolithic or even universally engaged in an ongoing cultural
clash with the West. While Muslims worldwide embrace the concept of
ummah, they also possess and express characteristics of diversity.
Muslims live under monarchies and republics and come from a number of
ethnic and linguistic backgrounds.
Scholars from all disciplines of the humanities and social sciences are
encouraged to submit proposals. Please include full name, title, and
institutional affiliation with your proposal (max. 250 words). We invite
proposals dealing with the following topics as well as others not

1. Political, economic and social relations within and between Muslims
and other communities.
2. Political, economic, social and philosophical movements within
Islamic societies/communities.
3. The impact of globalization on specific Muslim societies/communities.
4. The interplay of Islam with commerce, finance, technology, and
5. Religious minorities 6. The press, social networks, and communication within Islamic
7. Islam in America or American Islam? Defining a religion in the
American context

Please send abstracts by e-mail attachment to:

Robert Hazan, Ph.D.
Chair and Professor of Political Science
Metropolitan State University of Denver

Deadline for submission of proposals: January 15, 2013.
Further details of the conference and accommodations will be posted on
the website.
For other inquires contact Robert Hazan; Vivienne
Angeles or Gisela Webb

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