CFP — Workshop on “Religious nationalism as concept and practice” — European University at St. Petersburg, Russia

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The Center of Research on Religion and Secularization of the Higher School of Economics, The Center for Anthropology of Religion (department of Anthropology), European University at St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg, Russia)

Workshop “Religious nationalism as concept and practice”

Call for papers

October 25-26 2013

Over the past two decades, the phenomenon of religious nationalism has become a subject of an intensive scholarly discussion. Political and social processes that took place after the Cold War made it possible to look at the relationship between religion and nationalism in new ways.
Among other things, it became possible to revisit established theories that contrasted religion as an element of traditional consciousness to nationalism as an ideology of modern society. On the one hand, religion and nationalism compete with each other as alternative ideological projects and different sources of identity. On the other hand, they borrow each other’s conceptual tools: For instance, the notion of a “chosen people,” which is common to both discourses, can be used by both religious and nationalist activists.

The major aim of the seminar is to discuss the conceptual and methodological bases for researching religious nationalism in post-Soviet space. What forms do projects of religious nationalism take?
How do these projects emerge and how are they promoted? How are these projects perceived by their target audience, “the people”? We invite all scholars-sociologists, historians, and anthropologists-to discuss these questions. We expect that seminar presentations will be based on the analysis of specific cases of religious nationalism building on the results of empirical research.
of the seminar is English.

Organizing committee has the opportunity to partly cover participants’ expenses.

The deadline for proposals is August 12, 2013. A proposal should include title and abstract of the presentation as well as author’s short CV.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at: (Jeanne Kormina) and (Veronika Kostenko)

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