“Inequalities: Politics, Policy, and the Past” – SSHA (Social Science History Association) Conference in Toronto, Ontario, CA 2014

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CFPs: Migration Network of the Social Science History Association (SSHA)

SSHA Conference in Toronto, Ontario, CA 2014: “Inequalities: Politics, Policy, and the Past”

39th Annual Meeting of the Social Science History Association

Date and Location: Toronto, November 6-9, 2014

Submission Deadline: February 14th, 2014

Conference Theme: “Inequalities: Politics, Policy, and the Past”

The SSHA is the leading interdisciplinary association for historical research in the US; its members share a common concern for interdisciplinary approaches to historical problems. The organization’s long-standing interest in methodology also makes SSHA meetings exciting places to explore new solutions to historical problems. We encourage the participation of graduate students and recent PhDs as well as more-established scholars, from a wide range of disciplines and departments.

We are now accepting conference submissions for the 2014 SSHA Annual Conference. You may either login to submit a conference proposal directly or consult the SSHA’s system of scholarly networks and network representatives for further assistance. Individuals who are new to the SSHA need to create an account prior to using the online submission site. Please keep in mind that if your panel is accepted, every person on the panel has to register for the conference. Graduate students are eligible to apply for financial support to attend the annual meeting (seehttp://www.ssha.org/grants).

With 30 panels organized at last year annual meeting, the Migration Network is one of the largest and most active networks at the SSHA. We hereby invite you to submit panels and papers related to the theme of migration widely defined for the forthcoming conference on “Inequalities: Politics, Policy, and the Past” in Toronto. We especially encourage the submission of complete sessions and interdisciplinary panels. H-migration can be very useful to find panelists, chairs and commentators. In the past, great panels have been formed or completed this way.

Session formats:

– Traditional panels: four authors, chair, and discussant.

– Discussion tables: four authors and chair; papers are pre-circulated.

When submitting your proposal, please indicate if you want it to be considered only for a specific format.


Panels and papers may address the topics below, and, as always, related subjects and new ideas are highly welcome:

Gender and Migration

Religion and Migration

Food and Migration

U.S. – Canada Migrations

Cold War and Migration

Migration – Global and Local

Migration – Love and Hate

Mobility, Coercion, and Freedom

Exile, Expatriation, and Return Migration in Historical and Comparative Perspective

Migration Scholars and Contemporary Migration Debates

Migration and Digital Humanities

Migration and Public History

Teaching Migration

To enter a panel or paper, please go to: http://www.ssha.org/. Please feel free to contact the Migration Network Representatives for comments, questions, or for help with submissions:

Barbara Lüthi (Barbara.Luethi@unibas.ch), Marina Maccari-Clayton (mmaccari@marymount.edu),

Jadwiga Pieper Mooney (jadwiga@email.arizona.edu

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