Interdisciplinary Workshop on Goddess Civilization of Old Europe

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This interdisciplinary workshop (to take place at the CSSR conference at the University of Ottawa, May 30 to June 2, 2015,) will bring together those interested in renewing and furthering scholarship on the Goddess Civilization of Old Europe as a step towards developing a future conference devoted to the topic, particularly addressing the changing of religion from the feminine to the masculine. This area of study has been explored by Joseph Campbell in The Masks of God, by Merlin Stone in several books, and most thoroughly by Marija Gimbutas in books published from the 1960s to the 1990s. Now is an opportune moment to revisit Gimbutas’s and others’ theories in a scholarly context, particularly because we are now able to look critically at the growth of Feminist, Women’s, and Gender Studies that have relied on knowledge about Goddess Civilization. Including the past, present, and future opens the topic to many disciplines in addition to Gimbutas’s archaeological and linguistic approaches.

Potential presenters, or questions, by Monday, December 8th, to

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