“Eating Purity, Eschewing Danger: Ideology, Ritual, Food, and the Contemporary Body” — Panel Proposal, Congress 2015

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Panel Proposal: 2015 Canadian Society for the Study of Religion Annual Meeting

University of Ottawa, May 30 – June 2, 2015

Panel Theme:
Eating Purity, Eschewing Danger: Ideology, Ritual, Food, and the Contemporary Body

Panel Organizers:
Nicola Mooney, University of the Fraser Valley (nicola.mooney@ufv.ca) Gillian McCann, Nipissing University (gillianm@nipissingu.ca)

Panel Abstract:
That the relationships between food, the body, and identity are ritualized is widely accepted, yet these dimensions of modern food regimes are little explored. Recent decades have witnessed the proliferation of diverse food movements in broad response to the dysfunctions of modern industrial agricultural systems, but also reflecting a range of social and individual choices which may have moral and spiritual dimensions. New food taboos, and totems, have implications for religiosity, identity, the body, health and wellbeing. This panel will explore the ways in which food movements and choices are ritualized, their symbolic, material, and social meanings, and the relationships between ritual, food, the body, and spirituality. Ideally, participants will engage in some way with Mary Douglas’ Purity and Danger. We invite 150 word abstracts from interested contributors by January 7, 2015.

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