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The International Journal for the Study of New Religions 5.2 Table of Contents

Editors’ Preface
Alex Norman, Trude Fonneland
IJSNR 5.2 (2014) pp121–122 issn issn 2041-952X

Spiritual Tourism and Frontier Esotericism at Mount Shasta, California
Madeline Duntley
IJSNR 5.2 (2014) pp 123–150 issn 2041-952X
Spiritual Entrepreneurship in the High North: The Case of Polmakmoen Guesthouse and the Pilgrimage “the Seven Coffee Stops”
Trude Fonneland
IJSNR 5.2 (2014) pp 151–166 issn 2041-952X
Network Apocalypsis: Revealing and Reveling at a New Age Festival
Curtis Coats, Julian Murchison
IJSNR 5.2 (2014) pp 167–188 issn 2041-952X

Handbook of New Religions and Cultural Production, edited by Carole M. Cusack and Alex Norman. Brill Handbooks on Contemporary Religion, 2012. 790+xxxpp. Hb. €224/$298. ISBN-13: 9789004221871.
Eileen Barker
IJSNR 5.2 (2014) pp 189–192 issn 2041-952X
Spiritual Tourism: Travel and Religious Practice in Western Society by Alex Norman. Continuum Advances in Religious Studies. Continuum, 2011, 256pp., 2 illus. Hb. $130. ISBN-13: 9781441150448.
Mark Denis Chapman
IJSNR 5.2 (2014) pp 193–196 issn 2041-952X
The Ashgate Research Companion to Nineteenth-Century Spiritualism and the Occult by Tatiana Kontou and Sarah Willburn. Ashgate Publishing, 2012. 454pp., 16 b&w illus. Hb. £85. ISBN-13: 9780754669128.
Lil Osborn
IJSNR 5.2 (2014) pp 197–199 issn 2041-952X
Comunità Spirituali del XXI Secolo. Memorie, esistente, futuro. Il Caso Damanhur (XXI Century Spiritual Communities. Past, Present, Future. Damanhur), by Michele Del Re and Maria Immacolata Macioti. Aracne, 2013. 383pp. 23euro, ISBN-13: 9788854857049.
Stefania Palmisano
IJSNR 5.2 (2014) pp 200–202 issn 2041-952X
Running with the Fairies: Towards a Transpersonal Anthropology of Religion by Dennis Gaffin. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2012. 293pp. Pb., £ 39.99. ISBN-13: 9781443838917.
Kathryn Rountree
IJSNR 5.2 (2014) pp203-205 issn 2041-952X

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