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Health and Social Care Chaplaincy 2.2 Table of Contents

Chris Swift
HSCC 2.2 (2014) pp157-160 issn 2051-5561

Chaplaincy Outcomes – What the Future Looks Like?
Steve Nolan
HSCC 2.2 (2014) pp161-164 issn 2051-5561

The Use of Rituals, Primarily Related to Grief, in a Hospital Setting: How Are They Helpful and How Can They Be Most Effective?
Bronwen Gray
HSCC 2.2 (2014) pp165-178 issn 2051-5561

Chaplaincy Support to Bereaved Parents – Part 1: Liturgy, Ritual and Pastoral Presence
Mark Newitt
HSCC 2.2 (2014) pp179-194 issn 2051-5561

The Importance of Supervision
Robin Shohet
HSCC 2.2 (2014) pp195-202 issn 2051-5561

“Her need was greater than my ethical dilemmas”: Pastoral, Theological Education
John Foskett and Declan Mcconville
HSCC 2.2 (2014) pp203-212 issn 2051-5561

What Do Chaplains Do Now? The Continuous Process of Adaptation
Jim Simpson, Margery Collin and Christian Okeke
HSCC 2.2 (2014) pp213-234 issn 2051-5561

Developments in Healthcare Chaplaincy in the Netherlands and Scotland: A Content Analysis of Professional Journals
Jan Piet Vlasblom, Martin N. Walton, Jenny T. van der Steen, Jaap J. Doolaard and Henk Jochemsen
HSCC 2.2 (2014) pp235-254 issn 2051-5561

New Wine? New Wineskins? Values-based Reflections on the Changing Face of Healthcare Chaplaincy
Michael Paterson
HSCC 2.2 (2014) pp255-267 issn 2051-5561

Daniel S. Schipani, ed., Multifaith Views in Spiritual Care
Dr Lindsay B. Carey
HSCC 2.2 (2014) pp267-269- issn 2051-5561

Elizabeth MacKinlay, Palliative Care, Ageing and Spirituality:A Guide for Older People, Carers and Families
Revd Dr Margaret Whipp
HSCC 2.2 (2014) pp270 issn 2051-5561

Elizabeth MacKinlay and Corinne Trevitt, Finding Meaning in the Experience of Dementia: The Place of Spiritual Reminiscence Work
Revd Dr Margaret Whipp
HSCC 2.2 (2014) pp271-272 issn 2051-5561

Sally Read, The Day Hospital
Revd Mark Stobert
HSCC 2.2 (2014) pp273- issn 2051-5561

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