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Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture 8.4 Table of Contents

Guest Edited by Georgina Drew and Ashok Gurung
Available online at:

Editor’s Introduction: Religion and Nature in Asia and the Himalayas
Bron Taylor
JSRNC 8.4 (2014) pp387-388 issn 1749-4915
Guest Editors’ Introduction: Everday Religion, Sustainable Environments, and New Directions in Himalayan Studies
Georgina Drew, Ashok Gurung
JSRNC 8.4 (2014) pp389-404 issn 1749-4915

Waste and Worldviews: Garbage and Pollution Challenges in Bhutan
Elizabeth Allison
JSRNC 8.4 (2014) pp405-428 issn 1749-4915
Everyday Buddhism and Environmental Decisions in the World’s Highest Ecosystem
Jeremy Spoon
JSRNC 8.4 (2014) pp429-459 issn 1749-4915
The Earth as a Treasure in Tibetan Buddhism: Visionary Revelation and its Interactions with the Environment
Antonio Terrone
JSRNC 8.4 (2014) pp460-482 issn 1749-4915
Sentience of the Earth: Eco-Buddhist Mandalizing of Dwelling Place in Amdo, Tibet
Dan Smyer Yü
JSRNC 8.4 (2014) pp483-501 issn 1749-4915

Review Essay
Review Essay: Cinema and the Emergence of the Environmental Humanities
Joni Adamson
JSRNC 8.4 (2014) pp502-506 issn 1749-4915

Book Reviews
Dan Smyer Yü and Pema Tashi (dirs.), Embrace (Hangzhou, China: Dongyang Mirage CineMedia Production, 2011)
Françoise Robin
JSRNC 8.4 (2014) pp507-510 issn 1749-4915
Leslie E. Sponsel, Spiritual Ecology: A Quiet Revolution (Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger, 2012), xxii + 285 pp., $48.00 (cloth), ISBN: 978-0-313 36409-9.
Donald A. Crosby
JSRNC 8.4 (2014) pp511-513 issn 1749-4915
David L. Haberman, People Trees: Worship of Trees in Northern India (New York: Oxford University Press, 2013), 265 pp., $35.00 (pbk), ISBN: 978-0-19-992916-0.
George A. James
JSRNC 8.4 (2014) pp514-516 issn 1749-4915

From the Editors: Annual Profile of Reviewers
Volume 8 Peer Reviewers
Joseph D. Witt
JSRNC 8.4 (2014) pp517-518 issn 1749-4915

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