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Fieldwork in Religion

9.1 Table of Contents


Ron Geaves
FIR 9.1 (2014) pp5-7 issn 1743-0623


Educational Choices in Senegal. A Case Study among Fulbe in a Tijani Sufi Village.
Gina Gertrud Smith
FIR 9.1 (2014) pp8-29 issn 1743-0623

Narrated Photography: visual representations of the sacred among young Polish migrants in England
Sarah L Dunlop, Peter Ward
FIR 9.1 (2014) pp 30-52 issn 1743-0623

The biosocial basis of collective effervescence: An experimental anthropological study of a fire-walking ritual
Dimitris Xygalatas
FIR 9.1 (2014) pp 53-67 issn 1743-0623

An Ethnography of the Vipassana Meditation Retreat: A Reflexive Evaluation of the Participant-Observer’s Meditation Experience as an Interpretive Tool
Glenys Eddy
FIR 9.1 (2014) pp 68-86 issn 1743-0623

Reflections on the Creation of a Research Archive on One of the Mid-Twentieth Century’s Most Renowned Religious Figures
Andrew J. Cheatle
FIR 9.1 (2014) pp 87-99 issn 1743-0623

Book Reviews

Frazier, J., ed. 2013. The Bloomsbury Companion to Hindu Studies. London: Bloomsbury. xiii + 407pp. ISBN 978-1-4725-1151-5. Pbk. 978-1-4725-6717-8. E-bk. £24.99. (Originally published in 2011 as The Continuum Companion to Hindu Studies 978-0 8264-9966-0.)
Stephen B. Jacobs
FIR 9.1 (2014) pp 100-102 issn 1743-0623

Chryssides, G. D., and B. E. Zeller. 2014. The Bloomsbury Companion to New Religious Movements. London & New York: Bloomsbury. xxiv + 427pp. ISBN 978-1 44119-005-5. Hbk. £90.00.
Maria Nita
FIR 9.1 (2014) pp 103-105 issn 1743-0623

Müller, R. 2011. African Pilgrimage: Ritual Travel in South Africa’s Christianity of Zion. Farnham: Ashgate. viii + 213pp. ISBN 978-1-4094-3082-7. Hbk. £65.00.
Victoria Grebe
FIR 9.1 (2014) pp 106-108 issn 1743-0623

Nektaria Palaiologou and Gunther Dietz. 2012. Mapping the Broad Field of Multicultural and Intercultural Education Worldwide: Towards the Development of a New Citizen. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. xv + 553pp. ISBN 978-1-4438-4031-6.
Robert Jackson
FIR 9.1 (2014) pp109-110 issn 1743-0623

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