Member driven notice of Petition — Non-Partisan resolution against hate, violence, and Islamophobia in Canada

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*Please note that this is a member driven notice*

Non-Partisan resolution against hate, violence, and Islamophobia in Canada

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Two recent attacks on Muslim women (one of whom was pregnant) are signs that Canadians have to respond to the sudden spike in hateful, aggressive, and intolerant language aimed at the Muslim Canadian community. Recent news stories on the refugee crisis in Europe as well as the debate around the presence of the niqab in citizenship ceremonies have inspired a sharp increase in racist and Islamophobic attacks on social media networks.

While there is room for legitimate disagreement on these issues, there is no room for hate, violence, and Islamophobia in Canada.

On October 1, 2015, all parties of the Quebec National Assembly came together to unanimously pass a resolution reaffirming the government’s recognition of the full citizenship rights of all Muslim Canadians and condemning all acts of violence against Canadian citizens.

We ask every political party, every MP, as well as every candidate in every riding to publicly commit to passing this resolution against the spread of hate, violence, and Islamophobia in Canada in the first sitting of the House of Commons—whatever the outcome of the October 19th general election.

(The following resolution is a translation of the motion against Islamophobia, hate, and violence passed unanimously by all parties of the Quebec National Assembly on October 1st. The words “Assemblée nationale” and “Québec” have been replaced by the “Government of Canada and “Canada.”)

That the Government of Canada reaffirms that Canada has always been a land of welcome for refugees who come here to find a future, peace, and security;
That the Government of Canada has taken notice of numerous inappropriate declarations made about Syrian refugees;
That it is disturbed by the increase in Islamophobic and racist videos and declarations on social media networks;
That the Government of Canada affirms that Muslim Canadians are full citizens and condemns without reservation calls to hate and violence against all citizens of Canada.

Text of the resolution introduced by Québec solidaire and supported unanimously by all political parties in the Quebec National Assembly on October 1, 2015.

« Que l’Assemblée nationale réitère que le Québec a toujours été une terre d’accueil pour les personnes réfugiées venant y chercher un avenir, la paix et la sécurité ; »
« Que l’Assemblée nationale prenne acte des nombreuses déclarations inappropriées faites à l’encontre des réfugiés syriens ; »
« Qu’elle s’inquiète de l’augmentation des vidéos et déclarations à caractère islamophobe et raciste qui fusent sur les réseaux sociaux ; »
« Que l’Assemblée nationale affirme que les Québécoises et les Québécois de confession musulmane sont des citoyens à part entière et que cette Assemblée condamne sans réserve les appels à la haine et à la violence contre tous les citoyens du Québec. »

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