“Global Magic: Sorcery and Spirituality in the Sacred and Profane” — Interdisciplinary Student Conference, University of Victoria

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Global Magic: Sorcery and Spirituality in the Sacred and Profane
Interdisciplinary Student Conference

February 19-20, 2016 University of Victoria, Canada

Submission deadline: December 17, 2015

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How do we define magic? What role does magic play in increasingly problematic definitions of the sacred and profane or the religious and the secular? What directions should future inquiry take into understanding the mechanics and social function of magic in contemporary and historical cultures?

On behalf of the Religious Studies and Medieval Studies programs, the “Global Magic” program committee invites scholarly proposals from undergraduate, graduate, and recently graduated students on a range of topics dealing with the broader subject of magic in religious, spiritual, and secular practices. The program committee welcomes proposals for panel discussions, short papers (15 – 20 minutes), posters, and creative presentations.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:
• Definitions of magic and religion in historical and contemporary contexts
• Magic and the environment
• Problematizing dichotomies such as “magic and religion” and “magic and science”
• Global perspectives on magic, religion, and sorcery in different times and places
• Magic in Cascadia and the Pacific Northwest
• Practices of magic in the secular world and in non-religious spirituality
• Indigenous perspectives on magic
• Gender and magic

Please submit the following to relmed@uvic.ca:
• In the subject field: Conference Submission
• Title of the presentation
• Presentation proposal (250 words maximum)
• Audio-visual requirements
• Brief CV (1 page maximum)

For more information, please contact relmed@uvic.ca

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