Call for chapters: Religion, Immigration and Human Rights in the 21st Century: Challenges and the Way Forward

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Call for chapters: Religion, Immigration and Human Rights in the 21st Century: Challenges and the Way Forward

We are happy to invite scholars and activists to submit chapters for our edited book volume “Religion, Immigration and Human Rights. The aim of this call is
1. To encourage interdisciplinary discourse on theories and practical issues related to religion, immigration and human rights.
2. To engage historical, social and cultural dynamics in which religious traditions play an important role in promoting or rejecting various forms of human violation in contemporary societies.
3. To reflect on the spiritual productions (practices, rituals, perceptions, etc.) developed in various regions of the world, and as these relate to immigration, cultural violence and human rights.
4. Provide a forum through which policy ideas on religion, immigration, human rights and violence and can be developed toward promoting social justice in modern society.

In the contemporary world, the processes around the construction of identities are a complex reality. Sometimes this process may involve violence and hence they may be considered to be in violation of human rights. Clearly, religions have continued to influence not only human history, it has served as an agent of legitimation of some cultural violence, even as it condemns others. This publication aims to reflect, analyze and problematize these relationships.

This call is seeking to analyze how social construction involves religious values as these relate to violence experience in various forms in our society. We are interested in investigating how different religious traditions (e.g. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, indigenous worldviews, among others) have served as means to control, inhibit or promote spiritual, political, cultural, human rights and how immigrants and refugees have been caught in situations propagated by values they revere. We seek articles that inquire, deeply, into any of these aspects or both, based on analysis of historical, ethnographic, normative material, among others. It would be appreciated if articles consider policy elements of their discussions.

1. Theories of immigration and gender violence
2. Religion values and domestic violence
3. Violence amongst immigrants and refugees
3. Homosexuality
3. Female genital cutting
4. Honor killings
5. Foot binding
6. Sexual assault
7. Any topic related to Religion, gender and Violence

Relevant information
Please submit your abstract (maximum 300 words) and a brief biography (maximum 150 words) by 1st February 2016 to the lead academic editor, Dr. Mary Nyangweso. The articles should be between 8,000 and 10,000 words (excluding footnotes and references) and follow Chicago style. The full article should be submitted until 31st April 2016 by email to Mary Nyangweso at or

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