Table of Contents — Fieldwork in Religion Issue 10.1 (2015)

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Fieldwork in Religion
Issue 10.1 (2015) table of contents

Introduction- open access
Ron Geaves

Review of the contemporary literature on Islam and Muslims in the UK through the lens of immigration issues, civic participation and international constraints
Ron Geaves

Engaging with the Muslim community in Cardiff: A study of the impact of counter-terrorism research
Imran Awan, Sara Correia

From Imam to Researcher: A Critical Reflection on Researching Muslim Chaplains in the UK
Ali D Omar

The Surreptitious Scholar: The Challenges of Conducting Interviews with Iraqi-Shi’a Muslim Participants in Dearborn, Michigan
John Cappucci

Researching Lived Islam as an Evangelical Anglican Minister: How truthful, how forthright and how static should I be?
Tom Wilson

Beyond text: Fluid Fatwas and Embodied Muftis
Mashal Saif

Book Reviews- open access
Ridgeon, Lloyd (ed.), Sufis and Salafis in the Contemporary Age
Reviewed by Sandra Maurer

Agrama, Hussein Ali, Questioning Secularism: Islam, Sovereignty, and the Rule of Law in Modern Egypt
Reviewed by Mashal Saif

Cusack, Carole and Alex Norman (eds), Handbook of New Religions and Cultural Production
Reviewed by George D. Chryssides

Chryssides, George D., and Ron Geaves, The Study of Religion: An Introduction to Key Ideas and Methods
Reviewed by Dominic Corrywright

Day, Abby, Giselle Vincett and Christopher R. Cotter (eds), Social Identities between the Sacred and the Secular
Reviewed by Janet Eccles

ISSN 1743-0623

Fieldwork in Religion

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